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We are a local debt relief company with lower fees than other companies, while other companies charge a percentage of the entire debt, we charge a percentage of settlement savings.




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from Los Banos
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Credit Card debt $15,000--Settled for $6,000

How does debt relief work?

Credit card debt relief is simple.

We analyze your debt

First things first, we need to book a consultation to analyze your debt, establish a budget and design a plan for you.

We work for you

Our team will work based on the plan you approved.

Pay off your debt

Once we get the best offer, you just pay

About Hack Debt Relief

Dealing with creditors or financial institutions is not easy, with our debt settlement program we will negotiate on your behalf so you pay less than what you currently owe. We will analyze and review your case so we can approach each individual debt in a personalized and efficient manner. We will discuss what your options are for each case so you can make an informed decision on what approach works best for you. Our program is completely different than other programs, we go on your way so you don't have to pay all in once or have a large sum of money ready. We guarantee you big savings on debts and big savings on settlement fees than other companies.

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Debt Relief

We help consumers get rid of any type of debt! At Hack Debt Relief we understand that life happens: an unexpected layoff, the loss of a loved one or maybe an injury at work and suddenly it all leads to a huge amount of unplanned and unwanted debt. So now what? We don’t judge because someone can’t pay off a credit card or any other type of debt, but we don’t hesitate to fix it. Set aside time for a consultation so, together, we can explore options for your case.

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